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Compiled my favorite mixsets from the past few months. I plan to keep this updated, so if you like this sound feel free to follow the playlist. This post needs no more text.


Dat TRAP Sh*t

Wow, gracing the blog before year end was the only right thing to do! This year I spent too much time trying to discover emerging genres, and one that got me by my b*lls was the Trap music scene.

WTF is Trap? Let's allow experts at 'Urban Dictionary' break it down for us. Trap is...

  • 1/3 hip hop (tempo and song structure similar) – however vocals are usually pitched lower or higher
  • 1/3 dubstep (similar drum arrangements, different builds and drops)
  • 1/3 dub (Low frequency focus and strong emphasis on repetitiveness throughout a song)

Upon searching the dark corners of the interwebs, I have discovered and compiled the best Trap tunes 2012 had to offer. This list isn't comprehensive, and keeping in mind the underground nature of this genre, I may have missed out some gems. (Feel free to post up links in comments section and I'll add them to the set.)

Here it is. Go out and run dat f*ckin TRAP.


Exclusive Interview with Matthew Dekay

Lucid chats with cool-cat Matthew Dekay about his new avatar, influences and upcoming projects.

Yo yo Matthew! Welcome to the Lucid Blog! OK, first things first - Where the hell have you been? You’ve been missing in action for the longest time!

MDK: Haha, I know! I honestly hadn't been inspired to write/compose new EDM music until recently.I lost that special feeling with the music. "Progressive" became more of a style of music and lost its total meaning in my opinion. Todays progressive to me sounds like an evolvement of more then a decade of Trance and doesn't interest me anymore. Funny is that what I do now feels a lot like my early productions like Symbiosis and it was the time where I felt the most comfortable with the music.

You've been pioneering the EDM scene for over a decade now. Is the buzz of DJing still the same for you?

MDK: The buzz is different I feel, because I am more selective in choosing the right events that I think suit me better musically. Last year for example was the first time I played alongside DJ's like Guy Gerber, Jamie Jones and Lee Curtis so that was very inspiring.

What has changed from when you first started playing out? You feel the crowds now are more aware and demanding? Is it more challenging for DJs to outwit them?

MDK: Well EDM music has been around for more than 2 decades. Although there are many djs and producers. Just some are inventing something new every now and then. it's great to see that a new generation is coming up and is finally exploring new fields. I feel it's such a relief to see new guys like Nicolas Jaar or Seth Troxler pushing the boundaries of EDM.

We absolutely love your new edgier techy sound! What really happened there? Is it true that hanging out at Sven Vath's Cocoon in Ibiza inspired you to go this alley?

MDK: Well like I said earlier in the interview to me it all still feels the same. I didn't go into the studio trying to create tech-house. It was just a natural evolution. Cocoon Ibiza was inspiring, but so was Berlin when I first visited for the first time in the Summer of 2009. I didn't feel the early minimal-techno was my kind of thing at all, but then hearing Ricardo Villalobos play 3 years ago really blew me away. It was that feeling that I've been missing for a long time.

Speaking of which, Wongel is a beast! How did you and Lee 'Crazy' Burridge come togehter? Can we expect more collabs in the future?

MDK: Ah thank you so much! I've met Lee in NY where he was playing one night. It's funny we both actually lived a parallel life all these years in so many ways. I mean we knew each other but never met. We instantly clicked and became best friends. We're working on lots of things at the moment and I can't wait for our new releases to see the daylight. Exciting times!

We remember you calling your style 'Trousy'! Still sticking to that? How important is it for artists to evolve their styles with time?

Conrad Schnizler of Kluster said once ;" as an artist it's your job to always create something new"
It's funny that people nowadays look at progressive and associate that with my early productions. Funny enough when you told someone that you're producing progressive 5 years ago it was always associated with Electronic music that sounds dark and boring.

You’re also working on a new label - All day I dream? What’s up with that & what will happen to DK Recordings?

MDK: DK Reccordings is done. It was a great journey but it was time to let it go. I feel like this is a second chapter in my career as a producer/dj so I thought time for a new label. Lee Burridge and I will run the label. We already signed tracks from Alexi Delano and Konrad Black and we already have plans for expanding towards the end of the year with another label.

Your Soundcloud boasts some impressive new releases. What to expect from Matthew Dekay in 2011?

MDK: Thanks! April 25th will be the release of Tauben my new single on Pier Bucci's label Maruca music. Another project I'm finishing now is the new single "Out of Order" together with Lee. We're both currently fine tuning it in our dj-sets to make it sound the way we want. And way more in the pipeline but that's little secret for now

In an earlier interview floating around the net, you mentioned that you and Sander Kleinenberg worked in the same studio. Is he still your studio partner?

MDK: We had some plans to work together at some point when I was kind of taking some time off to re-invent myself. Unfortunately it didn't work out because I suddenly decided to move to NY to work on my own projects.

You played Space Ibiza last year? How was the island experience? Can you bill Space as the Mecca of EDM? What are the other clubs you enjoy playing at?

MDK: Space has always been on my top list of clubs I would love to play at. Finally last year they asked me to play a few events for them forst Headlining a special one off party called PUSH PUSH that was representing the sounds of Berlin and then for their new weekly night Kehakuma. One word, amazing! So yes Space is still definitely the Mecca of EDM I think. There are so many clubs that I enjoyed to play. Even small venues where its just about the music like Miniclub in Valencia was an amazing experience. Same goes for Prestige a one off event I did in Budapest was great.

Okay, so that reminds us of your infamous India tour in 2007, which got canned cause you were sitting at the wrong boarding gate! LOL, how did you manage to do that?

MDK: Yes! what an idiot I am! I was touring a lot in 2007 and I think I just came back from a gig the night before and for some reason that gate number was still in my head. I was convinced that I was sitting at the right gate. When I showed the ground staff my boarding card they told me I was sitting at the wrong gate. Terrible! I soon came to realize i already missed my flight. Worse thing was when I tried to call my agent my phone was disconnected! so I had to call them from a phonebooth. After my agent tried to re-arrange another flight I left the phonebooth without my phone and wallet!! I really sound like a complete moronbut this is what constant traveling does to you I guess.

So any India plans? Are you aware of the EDM scene here?

MDK: I am not aware of the scene in India although I was talking to my friend Dixon who recently played there and said it was fantastic. I really hope to see it for myself one day.

Thanks Matthew for taking out time. Before we call it out, would you like to say something to your Indian fans out there?

MDK: Yes! thank you as well. Hmmm... to my Indian fans huh?! I really have fans there? Thanks for the support, bless you all! x

For more on Matthew, check his Discography, his upcoming releases and do connect with him on Facebook


Lucid Charts February 2011

Here is our first chart for 2011. A mixed bag of grooves  we've been digging for the past couple of weeks. Click on track names to hear samples.

1. Piek & Danny Serrano - Je Ne Veux Plus (Butch Remix) [Spera Records]

2. Funk D' Void - 37.2 [Outpost]

3. Maher Daniel & Matthew Dekay - Taubenstrass [Monique Music]

4. Tom Flynn - Seduction [Break New Soil Recordings]

5. Outart - Sun Splash [Moon Harbor Recordings]

6. Claude VonStroke - Aundy (James Zabiela Mashup) [Dirtybird]

7. Fausto Messina - Jesa [Lust Und Freu Musik]

8. Tom Flynn - Body Glow 9 (Niko Schwind Remix) [Clarisse Records]

9. Hernan Cattaneo, Soundexile - Teleport (King Unique Remix) [Sudbeat Music]

10. Daniel Dubb - Wound Up [ALiVE Recordings]

Check our previous charts here


Top 5 Mixsets of 2010

We've been tripping on these fantastic mixes all year round. Featuring sounds ranging from deep, jackin' tech-house to no-holds-barred techno; these sets delivered the goods like none other and showcased the best there was in 2010. We hope you like our selection!

5. John Digweed - Essential Mix 2010

His Highness John Digweed takes a shot at the legendary Essential Mix and serves a banger, again. This no-nonsense-in-your-face selection features gut wrenching techno, seamlessly blended together only to define where Diggers stands today. A masterpiece in true sense, this mix will be on our playlist for a long long time.

4. Teva - The SF Show Guest Mix

Teva, previously known for his 'No Brainer' alais, gives The SF Show guestmix a nice stir. A jacking tech house mix that is guaranteed to get those creeps on. We've really played this one out and played it out loud.

3. Steve Lawler - H Session

When you read Lawler's name, you expect the signature tribal-lights out-viva sound, dont you? Well here's a twist. Steve posted this live mix on his soundcloud, titled as a rare afterhour set from Ibiza. We'd tag this set as organic, deep and intense. Next time you're up at 5am, give this beauty a rub.


2. Tom Budden - Digital Beats Podcast

Big man at Alive records - Tom Budden - drops a bouncy tech house mix for the Digital Beats Podcast. A mix that starts nice and deep will devilishly turn you into a bobblehead within minutes. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a game changer right here.

1. Lee Burridge -  Burning Man

Holy shit! This man gets us excited fo' real! For those who don't know, Burning Man is an annual event held in the middle of the Nevada dessert. Add a pinch of Lee Burridge to that and you know shit's gonna go down! Warning:  This 3 hour epic mix is WILD and may make you rowdy.


‘Down and Dirty with Hernan Cattaneo’ Contest

We're giving away free passes for Hernan Cattaneo's New Delhi gig!

We’ve blogged about him before, but never thought we’d get a chance to do this. Argentinean techno giant Hernan Cattaneo is gracing the decks at Lap on Thursday – 18 Nov 2010, and Lucid has managed to arrange a few couple passes for all you enthusiasts ( Yes, we love you the most.)  Just answer the following question and stand a chance to win a couple pass (we're giving away 5!)

So here’s the question, mind you, this one isn’t going to be easy.

Where is Hernan Cattaneo from?

1. Argentina

2.United Kingdom


To submit your entries, you can:

1. Tweet to us @lucid_india


2. Write on the event wall

Contest Rules: Contest closes 3PM November 18 2010. Entry/Passes for couples only.


We are back!


Last month, some sucker hacked into our blog and infected it with malware. Hence we haven't been able to post any of our usuals.

After harrowing our web service provider much, its safe to say we're up and running again. So stay tuned for the monthly charts, artist interviews and surprise guest posts.


Lucid Crew

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Lucid Chart August 2010

We had too much fun compiling this month's chart. Go ahead press play. Click on track names to hear samples.

1. Homm & Popoviciu - Crush (Original Mix) [Highgrade Records]

2. Fergie - Slazenger (D-Nox & Beckers Remix) [Excentric Muzik]

3. Daria - Gauchito Gil (Lee Van Dowski Edit) [Cadenza Labs]

4. Digital Dirty Doering  - Loco (D- Func Remix) [Damage Music Berlin]

5. Yosef - I Think We Spoke Once (Original Mix) [Harthouse]

6. Alex Dolby & Santos – Babylon (John Daly Remix) [Bedrock Records]

7. Wally Lopez & Ismael Rivas - Is Deeper (Original Mix) [303Lovers]

8. Guy J – Esperanza (Umbral Aguir Remix) [Bedrock Records]

9. Leon Raes - Aruba Garden (Eelke Kleijn Space Mix) [Outside The Box Music]

10. Juana Molina - Un Dia (Reboot Mix) [Domino]

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Lucid Charts July 2010

DJ Deepankar Abrol compiles this month's chart featuring some dancefloor weapons. Click on track names to hear samples.

1. Dj Boris - Drums[Nervous Records]

2. Gary Beck - Fereneze (Original) [Soma Records]

3. Anothony Pappa - New Bag (Original Mix) [1605]

4. Hatfield/Andrea Bertolini - Clouds (David Amo Mix)[Stereo Seven Plus]

5. Broombeck - Tik Tik Tak Boom [Human Garden]

6. Matteo DiMarr  - F This Club [Size Records]

7. Davide Squillace  - Cubism [Desolat]

8. Dandi & Ugo - Fulminata [Italo Business]

9. Jab  - Klemsh[Subsonic Music]

10.Sian - Dreams Are Maps[Bedrock records]

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Lucid Mix with Dheeraj Sareen

Dheeraj Sareen drops an exclusive jacking tech house mix for Lucid. Grab a few cold ones before you press play.


1. Saudade Yerba Buena feat. Ari Oklan (Jay Haze Tool Remix) - Dheeraj Sareen (MakTub Music)
2. Mr. Jack (Robags Edna Mompf Remix) - Luna City Express (Moon Harbor Records)
3. That Philosophy Track (Todd Bodine Remix) - Sasse & Phonogenic (Highgrade Recordings)
4. Everybody (Surrealism Remix) - BalErik, Vadim Yershov  (Discoteca)
5. Twisted Plug Ins (Original Mix) - Afrilounge (Kaato Music)
6. Seven Moods (Original Mix) - Carlo Lio (Monique Musique)
7. Mizzle (Tom Flynn Remix) - Worthy (Anabatic Records)
8. Grabbing At Straws (Pedramovich Remix) - Tom Budden (Alive Recordings)
9. Grooveapocalypse (Original Mix) Rio Padice (Metroline Limited)
10. The Endless Summer (Original Mix )Luca Baccheti - (Hideout Music )

Click here to Download (Right click, Save As)

A quick chat with him about music, gigs and influences:

How did a young boy from Delhi turn out to be the finest tech house DJs in the country? What have been your influences?

Thanks for the kind words! It all started out with just love for the music. After I returned to India from college in the US I started working a day job in finance and my only escape from extreme boredom in the day time was listening and hunting tunes at night, hanging out with friends and listening to podcasts, clubbing etc. Started posting mixes on the internet & submerge which people really took a liking too. My first break was djing for my good friend Arjun Khurana's Delhi Underground parties. I opened for Paul Woolford, Martin Eyerer, Bjorne Wilke, Jay Haze etc that really helped me get some exposure, Submerge & Nikhil Chinapa also asked me to play for their parties which was a great help. Current influences : Stimming, Rio Padice, Pedramovich, Reset Robot, Tom Budden, Justin Martin too many to list! Past influences : The Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Fatboy slim, DJ Shadow, Moby, Radiohead, Deadmau5 (No Joke, I used to dig his earlier stuff!)  list goes on here as well!

You've made a brave move by taking up music as a serious career. What made you go this way?

Well as cliché as this may sound but I seriously owe this all to my parents and family. They have always been open about me DJ'ing but its my Dad who brought up the idea for me to learn professionally and take up making my own music. Pyramind has been an amazing experience for me and besides writing my own Electronic music, being an Audio Engineer opens doors to a lot of things in Game Sound Design, Film production, Post etc. I intend to pursue a career in one of these fields alongside my own productions and DJing.

We know you're a certified gear whore! What's the latest toy you acquired?

HaHa. Well these days since I am concentrating more on production I have been acquiring the right plug-ins and software synthesizers. In terms of plug ins, the most recent thing I purchased was all the new Rob Papen synthesizers that my friend Pedramovich suggested I try and I love them. In terms of hardware I recently purchased the new NI X1 controller for Traktor and its an amazing piece of gear. The integration with the software is superb! Better then any MIDI controller I have ever used for Traktor. But my next purchase is definitely an iPAd where I will run TouchOSC.

Your debut single "Saudade Yerba Buena" is out soon. Tell us more about it.

It comes out later this summer on my good friend Arjun Vagale (Jalebee Cartel) record label MakTub music with remixes from Jay Haze (Tuning Spork / Get Physical), Pedramovich (Alive / Supernature ) & Zero in Something ( Etoka Records ). The track was a project for my Mixing and Mastering class at Pyramind, and my friend Ari Oklan who's a seriously talented musician played Saxophone on it. We got to work in his studio in San Rafael and he has some of the best analog gear including a Spring reverb which makes the sax sound PHAT on a big system. The name in part comes from us recording ambience at the Yerba Buena Gardens here in Downtown San Francisco.

How would you differentiate the scene in San Francisco and New Delhi? Keep it clean ;)

The San Francisco scene is very very well educated about Electronic music and extremely passionate about it is as well. Delhi unfortunately still isn't the EDM capital of India but places like Bluefrog in Mumbai support some quality acts. Bluefrog besides 222 hyde here in San Francisco is my favorite club in the world. The people is what makes San Francisco an amazing city, friendly, down to Earth & willing to help if you have the right sound. Unfortunately the quality of bad music vs. good music in Delhi or for India for that matter is quite great. Its all about Trance, Electro and progressive being shoved down peoples throats. I really wish the promoters would take a different approach and introduce some fresh music more frequently to the scene rather then just bringing the Top 20 DJ in the world every month. We all know the rankings blow and there is so much more quality music out there outside the Top 100.

Most memorable gig?

My most memorable gig has to be playing in the basement of my friend Rahuls house with Paul Woolford. After Paul got done playing for the DUG music festival @ Kuki we shifted the party to Rahuls house and I got to play in his basement for a good 2-3 hours with Paul enjoying a few Kingfishers. The party was so much fun that Paul eventually came upto me and asked me if he could join in! (Like he had to ask and I would have said no!) He also complimented me on how well I played and I was on cloud 9 after that. Paul is a legend. Another favorite had to be my friend Jonny's EFFECT party @ 222 hyde with Lee Burridge + Mike Khoury, that was an Epic morning/afternoon.

Anything that ticks you off while on the console?

Requests. Nothing annoys me more. In SF its a lil different because people ask for the right tracks or something I can usually work around but in India the request to play Bally Sagoo or Bob Sinclair really grinds my gears. Also people constantly touching your laptop and pulling wires out, its happened to me a couple of times and ruined the night by unplugging my computer. One drawback of being a digital user.

What can we expect from you in the near future? Any more releases lined up?

Coming to the end of my course here at Pyramind the last few months are intense with a lot of projects. I havent been able to work on too many originals but I have 2 more almost complete which I intend to send out later this summer once I finish them up. Also getting a remix oppurtunity for a Deep House label which I am excited about. :)

What should we expect from the Lucid mix?

The Lucid mix is more on the Tech House side of things, though I usually prefer a Deeper sound I will be playing a more jacking sound for the party on the 17th of July @ Kuki, hence I wanted to give a little preview to the night with this mix. (Feel free to post the tracklist up in this question)

Catch Dheeraj Sareen and Nishant Technoboy bring the house down at Pure, New Delhi, on 17 July 2010. For event details click here.